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      ABOUT US

              Shanghai saizhong automation technology co., LTD. (Shanghai saiyu electromechanical co., LTD.) has been committed to manufacturing RFID electronic label equipment and developing software data system since its establishment in 2005.

            The company has professional software engineers, automation project designers and after-sales technical personnel.

      The company has always adhered to customer-oriented, innovative technology as the support, in order to be honest and trustworthy as the fundamental, won the trust of customers.

           In order to meet the needs of our customers, cezhong has been constantly innovating and manufacturing

           RFID (single piece/roll) Automatic labeling,

           RFID (single piece/roll) Data read and write check,

           RFID (single piece/roll) Detection of label performance,

           RFID (single piece/roll) Print-coded data

           RFID (single piece/roll) UV inkjet code,

          And other equipment, not only sold in China, but also exported to Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Spain and other countries.Widely used in electronics, packaging, daily chemical, medicine, food, stationery, logistics, clothing and other industries.

             We pursue the business philosophy of "honesty, excellence" and "professional quality, professional assurance" products dedicated to customer service!

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